Supercuts & Tigi #SquadGoals Competition (& a sneaky giveaway)

Okay guys, today I’m going to be doing something a little different. I’ll be telling you how YOU could win a complete hair & beauty makeover, a professional photo shoot and more just by uploading a selfie with your best mates! How cool is that?!


You could win awesome hair makeovers like ours! (L-R: Chloe from Beauty and the Girl, Me! Natalie from Natalie’s Beauty Base, Chloe from Mojichlo)

Do you and your squad rival T-Swift’s all-star crew?

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Chanii B Pop Up Event & Discount Code

You might remember that I recently wrote about the Bristol Bloggers Meet and promised a Part 2 with shoes! Well, here it is. We were lucky enough to be invited to a Chanii B pop-up boutique to learn about the brand and try on lots & lots of shoes!


Chantal Pilon Chanii B shoes
The amazing Chantal talking about her designs


Chanii B is the creation of Chantal Pilon, who wanted to create high quality, gorgeous, comfortable shoes that are unlike anything else on the market. You only need to take one glance at her designs to know that she’s succeeded! If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that make a statement, that no one else will have, Chanii B is the place to go. All the shoes are handmade in Portugal with the finest real leather and cow hide. Wearing genuine leather shoes is actually better for your feet than synthetic materials as it allows the skin to breathe – so no more

All the shoes are handmade in Portugal with the finest real leather and cow hide. Wearing genuine leather shoes is actually better for your feet than synthetic materials as it allows the skin to breathe – so no more wiffy feet! Another aspect of Chanii B shoes that makes them comfortable and gentle on your feet is the soles. Some are made of a completely flexible sole that you can bend almost in half! Others are really cushiony and comfortable. Whichever you get, they’re shoes you can wear All. Day. Long.

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Little Known Box August 2016

Subscriptions boxes are awesome, right? But sometimes they send you the same things over and over again, or only include tiny samples of products and that sucks. That’s why I love Little Known Box. Their aim is to introduce you to brands and products that aren’t as mainstream, so it’s really rare to get something you’ve had before!

For only £15 per month, Little Known Box brings you a variety of full-sized and deluxe-sized products ranging from skincare to hair, nails, beauty and more! It offers variety, undiscovered brands and great new products. See last month’s box here to see how fab it is for yourself!

Little Known Box August 2016

August’s theme is Summer Nights! It contains products to keep you looking and feeling great through all the fun events that happen this time of year – weddings, BBQs, festival etc.

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US Drugstore Haul

About 2 months ago, I went on an amazing holiday to Florida and , obviously, I spent a fair chunk of my time there shopping for makeup. I had to, right? It’s taken me a while to get a haul together, I’ve just been too busy! I bought so much stuff that I’ll have to divide it into 3 sections: Drugstore, High End and a Colourpop Haul! First up, drugstore!

US Drugstore Haul

I basically had 2 rules for myself when shopping for drug store makeup in the US: 1. Only get things I can’t easily access in the UK 2. Keep lipsticks to a minimum (I ordered waaaay too many on Colourpop to be allowed to buy more). So, when I entered the hallowed halls of Ulta, Walgreens and the Walmart beauty section, I kind of went a little crazy. I think I got a variety and it’s all stuff I really wanted, so it’s not that bad, right?

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Sniffy Wiffy Spout Pouch Hair & Body Wash

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know that I absolutely love Sniffy Wiffy products. Their beautifully simple handmade products are some of my favourites: everything from their hand creams to their body scrubs. Even my grandma swears by their lavender hand cream! I have a whole post dedicated to their products here. So when I was offered a sneak peek at one of their newest innovations, I couldn’t say no!

Without further ado, here is the Sniffy Wiffy Spout Pouch Hair & Body Wash!

Sniffy Wiffy Hair & Body Wash Spout Pouch Packaging

As with all Sniffy Wiffy products, this multi-purpose wash is SLS and paraben free, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin or wanting to avoid as many unnecessary nasties as possible. In fact, it only includes 6 ingredients in total, which is awesome. So many products are crammed with ‘filler’ ingredients which serve no real purpose and can cause sensitivity or damage the skin. It’s refreshing to see something so simple and so gentle.

But how does it perform?

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Cohorted Beauty Box: August 2016 Review

The Cohorted Beauty Box has become a staple for me. I look forward to it each month and know I’m always going to love what’s inside.  They’re always jam-packed with high-end goodies. See last month’s box here as an example.

Cohorted Beauty Box August 2016

The Black Edition Beauty Box from Cohorted is a £35 per month subscription and contains 4-5 full sized high-end and luxury beauty products, with the occasional extra sample thrown in for good measure. They feature brands such as theBalm, Too Faced, Mac and Nars to name a few, and the value is always incredible. I’m never disappointed. You can find more information or subscribe here.
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July Empties 2016

July was a month where every product I was using ran out. There were a lot of products. A lot. I’m actually kind of proud of myself for working through so many items; it’s satisfying to see them all collected in one place.

July Empties 2016

As usual, I’ve developed some opinions on all the products I finished and I’d like to share them. But, as this is such a bumper edition of my empties, I’ll do my best to keep my reviews short, sweet and to the point. As always, I’ll tell you if I think they’re worth splashing the cash on by rating them: BUY or BYE! There’s a lot to get through, so let’s jump right in!

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