Little Known Box October 2016

This month’s Little Known Box is even more exciting than usual, as it’s their half-birthday!  I can’t believe they’ve only been around for six months, it feels like their boxes have been a part of my life forever! In six months, I’ve never been disappointed and have fallen in love with so many new brands thanks to this box!

To celebrate, they’ve included a couple of extra goodies this month and incorporated a few luxury brands! You can now also take a survey on their site to make your box more tailored and personalised to your tastes and needs.


For only £15 per month, Little Known Box brings you a variety of full-sized and deluxe-sized products ranging from skincare to hair, nails, beauty and more! It offers variety, undiscovered brands and great new products. See last month’s box here to see how fab it is for yourself!


Lin&Lo – Satin Lipstick in Pearl Pink – RRP £19

Lin&Lo are a fairly new mineral makeup brand that focuses on being easy to use and having colours to flatter everyone. The Satin Lipsticks have shea butter and vitamins to moisturise the lips as you wear them. It dos feel smooth, moisturising and comfortable on the lips and it smooths over the lines of my lips, helping to hide them (unlike a lot of matte lippies!). You could have received a few different shades, I got the shade Pearl Pink, a warm, corally pink with a golden shift.


Lin&Lo Satin Lipstick in Pearl Pink on my lips

The gold isn’t overpowering or tacky, it just adds a subtle warmth and shine when it hits the light. I think it also makes my lips look bigger and juicier than they really are!


SAMAYA Ayurveda Anti-Ageing Creams – RRP Full Size £89 (3 x 5ml sample value £26.70)

SAMAYA have a unique approach to skincare. Rather than suggesting products based on your skin type, they suggest them based on your dosha (a kind of energy). They have a test on their site to help you find the one that suits you. It’s great if you’re looking to combine your beauty routine with wellness. For me, I prefer to pick products based on my skin’s concerns. The creams themselves are all nicely moisturising and soak in very quickly, so they’re good to use under your makeup. I can’t speak to their anti-aging benefits because I still look about 12 so I can’t tell a difference, sorry!


Dinki Belle – Nail Wrap Gift Set in Pastel Princess – RRP £7.99

They don’t have any of the gift sets on their site right now, so I’ve just linked to the wraps. There are no tools included with just the wraps.

I’ve come to really enjoy nail wraps recently, so I was excited to see some included this month. They’re great for adding an accent nail or a quick manicure that fools everyone into thinking you’re a nail art genius.In Dinki Belle’s gift sets, you get 20 nail wraps, a plastic cuticle pusher, an orange stick and a nail file. This is another product where it was possible to receive different colours and patterns. I received Pastel Princess, a cute mixture of pastel clouds and diamonds. There are a tonne of super cute designs on their site, I definitely recommend having a browse!


Two of Dinki Belle’s Pastel Princess Nail Wraps with HJ Manicure Pink Bikini (from a previous LKB!)

I found these wraps incredibly easy to apply which I think is mostly down to the pink plastic cuticle pusher. It made smoothing out edges and bumps a thousand times easier. They went on super easily and are still holding up well (it’s been a few days since I applied them), they can last up to 14 days.

You can use the code DINKIXMAS at for 20% off your first order. Valid until 1st January 2017.


Merumaya – Melting Cleansing Balm Travel Size – RRP £7.50

Merumaya is one of my favourite skincare brands, their eye makeup remover is fantastic! So, I was really excited to see one of their products included in this month’s box. The Melting Cleansing Balm is great for taking off your makeup at the end of the day. It’s a very creamy, oil-like balm that dissolves your makeup and turns into a milky cleanser when you add water. I find it to be very gentle and moisturising, my skin feels so soft when I use this. I like to go in with a more traditional cleanser afterwards, but that’s absolutely not necessary. It gets everything off my face!

You can use the code LKB for 10% off your first purchase at


The Herb Garden – Massage Bar in Warming (Travel Size 1 bar) – Full Size (2 bars) RRP £8

There’s nothing better in the colder months than something which smells warm, spicy and comforting, which is exactly how this Warming Massage Bar smells. There were s couple of scents you could have received, but this one was perfect for me. All the Herb Garden’s massage bars are made with a blend of butters and oils to moisturise your skin to leave it feeling soft it smooth. It feels incredibly moisturising but it doesn’t leave me feeling oily or sticky, which is great! It can be used either as a replacement for body lotion or a massage oil (if you can coax someone into giving you one!).

You can use the code First10 for 10% off your first order at


To celebrate their 6-month milestone, Little Known Box included 3 bonus items this month!

Merumaya –  Iconic Youth Serum – 1ml Sample

This is a sample of Merumaya’s anti-ageing serum that blends 10 active ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restore elasticity  to the skin and make it look smoother and more even overall. I’m not too concerned with anti-ageing at the moment, so I’ll be passing this on to someone who’ll benefit more.

Little Known Box –  Pocket Mirror – RRP £4

They’ve made their very first original item for this box and it’s adorable! It’s a small, round, portable mirror in their signature black and gold with the caption ‘today is going to be amazing’ printed on it. It’s the perfect size to pop in your bag and use for touch ups throughout the day. It’s already living in my bag!

Fab Little Bag – 5 Pack – RRP £1.99

I’ve had some of these in a different subscription box before and they are a clever idea. They’re for disposing used tampons without flushing them (which is terrible for the environment) or having to wrap it in toilet roll. You can pop it in, seal it up (it’s entirely waterproof and discreet, so no need to worry about any accidents) and carry it with you until you find a bin.

You can use the code LKB25 for 25% off at

That’s everything in the special 6-month edition of Little Known Box and I’m super impressed! They managed to squeeze such a lot of really great products in this month. And there was such great variety too – everything from makeup to skincare to body care! This month’s box had a whopping value of over £75 which is incredible for a £15 subscription. They never fail to disappoint, so if you’re thinking of getting just one beauty subscription I recommend Little Known Box.

IT’s a tough choice but my favourite item this month might have to be the nail wraps – they’re so adorable and took minimal effort and skill to apply. What’s your top pick from this box? I’d love to know.

See you next time!

*This box was received as PR. This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own




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