Empties September 2016

I have been on a roll finishing products lately. And that’s awesome! It means I have more room (for new things!) and I’ve been able to make up my mind about what I like and don’t like, so that I don’t waste my money on sucky products in the future.


Since I’ve completely finished all this stuff up, I’ve formed some fairly strong opinions on them. So, I’ll be reviewing each item and telling you whether you should BUY them or say BYE. There’s a lot to get through, so I’ll keep it brief!


Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation – I have oily skin, so I was looking for a foundation to keep me reasonably matte. This did that to an extent, but I still had to blot a few times throughout the day. If you have normal skin, you should be totally fine. It had medium coverage and looked really nice on the skin. If you don’t mind blotting, go for it. If not, you might want to look for something else. BYE (for me. If you don’t mind having to touch up or have normal skin, it’s a BUY)

Witch Daily Primer & Clearing Serum – As a morning moisturiser, this is nice. It added a nice amount of moisture to my face without making me oily. As a primer, I didn’t notice it keeping my makeup on any longer at all. It didn’t seem to do any ‘clearing’ either. BYE

Rimmel Stay Blushed in Sunkissed Cherry – I loved the colour of this, but I hated the formula. It gave me a natural fuss, but it was such a hassle to use! It’s a weird, thick, overly pigmented mousse. I had to put it on the back of my hand, blend it out, then pick it up with a brush and put it on my cheeks. If I didn’t do that, I looked like a clown. More hassle than it’s worth. BYE

NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner – If you’re looking for an affordable felt-tip liner that will last you forever, this is it. It draws on smooth, it stays on all day (but it definitely is not waterproof!) and it didn’t dry out on me and I had it for almost a year. I only had to get rid of it because the tip was starting to fray. BUY

Barry M Kohl Pencil in Kingfisher Blue – I had this eyeliner for way longer than I’d like to admit to and it performed great until the very end! It was a beautiful, vibrant turquoise that was great as an eyeshadow base or a vibrant eyeliner to give a pop of colour. These aren’t designed for the waterline, but look gorgeous under the lower lash line and on the lid. A great option if you’re looking for a fun colour. BUY


Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Titivate – Another product where I loved the shade, but not the formula. I loved the vibrant hot pink shade of this lip liner, but I found it to be rather dry and it crumbled really easily. They don’t make these anymore, but even if they were available, I wouldn’t bother with them anyway. BYE

OCC Stained Gloss in Rhythm Box – They don’t make this anymore either! That’s such a shame, I really enjoyed this gloss. It was a nice thin texture, it wasn’t sticky and it put a beautiful sheer wash of berry across my lips. BUY (if you can get your hands on it!)

Sleek Pout Paint in Mauve Over – This is another discontinued product, sorry! The shade was very bold, a bright magenta and the formula was quite thick. I’m not a fan of lip products you need a brush to apply, so I’d give this a miss. BYE

Miss Sporty Clubbing Colour Nail Polish in Lilac and Sea Green – Considering how affordable these polishes are, I was super impressed with them! They were opaque in 1 to 2 coats, they dried quickly and lasted quite a while without chipping. Towards the end of the bottle, the Lilac shade got a little thick, but it was nothing a little thinner couldn’t fix. If you’re looking for an affordable polish, I definitely recommend this line. BUY


Merumaya Bi-Phase Plus Eye Make-Up Remover – This is my favourite eye makeup remover I’ve ever tried. You only need a little bit and it takes off everything, even waterproof mascara! I occasionally used it on my whole face and it id a great job with that too. It doesn’t sting my eyes or leave any oily residue. It’s perfect! BUY

LUSH Eau Roma Toner Water – Tea Tree Water is normally my go to toner, but I wanted to try something a little gentler for the summer heat. It was a good toner, it refreshed my skin and helped to keep it balanced. I think I’m going to alternate between the two from now on. BUY

PHB Anti-Aging Serum – This serum is incredibly firming. Within minutes of applying it to your face, you can feel your skin firming up, it’s such an odd sensation. I really liked wearing it under makeup, it made a great base and made my skin look super taught and smooth. BUY (I received this in a Little Known Box, see more here)

Oxynergy Power Infuse Cushion Foam Cleanser – This is a great cleanser if you’re looking for something gentle. It’s very gentle and moisturising and has little spongey spheres to massage your face. It’s a luxurious product that feels amazing to use. It’s on the expensive side, so I’d probably only buy this once in a while as a treat. BUY (I received this in a Little Known Box, see more here)


Nivea Pearl & Beauty Shower Cream Oil – I really didn’t like this body wash. It stuck to my skin and just didn’t want to rinse away. It might be okay if you have dry skin, but it’s not for me. BYE

MooGoo Full Cream Moisturiser – This is a fantastic body lotion, especially if you have dry patches, it sorts them out in no time. Moogoo body lotions are sometimes prescribed by the NHS, they’re that good! It’s thick and rich, but not greasy and it has a delicious buttercream scent. BUY

Soap & Glory Hand Food – I normally love Soap & Glory products, but I just didn’t get on with this hand cream. It separated quickly and needed shaking up almost every time I used it. I wasn’t a fan of the scent either. BYE


Batiste Dry Shampoo in Bloom – I can’t find this exact scent anymore, but I recommend all the Batiste dry shampoos. They’re quick, easy, add volume and soak up oils really well. What more could you want? BUY

Richard Ward Keratin Rehab Treatment – Hair masks are a really easy way to get your hair looking and feeling healthier. This one works! I found it very moisturising on the drier ends of my hair and it left my locks looking sleek and shiny. It’s inexpensive too! BUY

Makeup Revolution Anti-Bacterial Brush Shampoo –  I bought three bottles of this in a haul months ago and I only just finished the first one! You only need to use a tiny bit for each brush and it gets every last bit of product out. My brushes are super clean in no time at all. I’m glad I’ve got two back-ups! BUY

Finally, we’ve come to the end of the products I finished in September. I’m sorry it was so long! I hope October’s will be a much shorter post. What have you finished this month that you’re super proud of? Let me know.

See you next time!


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