Friction Free Shaving Cocktail Event

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to Friction Free Shaving‘s Cocktail Masterclass at Bar Opus, Birmingham to celebrate them absolutely smashing their crowdfunding goal!

You might remember I reviewed Friction Free Shaving’s subscription service a little while back and I’ve been hooked ever since! Since then, they’ve grown so much and are getting better and better. In honour of that, they put together a little cocktail making class to thank some of beauty bloggers who’ve supported them, have a great time and reveal a snazzy new feature coming soon to their service!

Samantha Cocktial FFS

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Huge Makeup Revolution Haul April 2016

It’s been far too long since since I last had a big old Makeup Revolution haul (you can see it here). It feels long overdue! Since my 3 month no-buy just ended and I needed to pick up a few bits, I thought I’d take advantage of the great offer they had – spend £30 and get a mystery bag containing £25 worth of products for free. That’s too good to refuse!

Huge Makeup Revolution Haul April 2016

As you probably know, Makeup Revolution is available in many drugstore type stores around the world (Superdrug here in the UK), but their website, which ships internationally, has all the best deals!

This is going to be a pretty long post, so grab a snack and a drink and we’ll get to the good stuff!

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Cohorted Beauty Box Black Edition: April 2016 Review

I’m so excited about this month’s Cohorted box. It’s one of my favourite ones they’ve ever put together. There’s such a good variety of products in this one, including lots of things we don’t normally see in Cohorted Boxes. I’m so eager to use each and every item, which is always a good sign! Last month’s was good, but this one is great!

Cohorted Beauty Box Black Edition April 2016

The Black Edition Beauty Box from Cohorted is a £35 per month subscription and contains 4-5 full sized high-end and luxury beauty products, with the occasional extra sample thrown in for good measure. They feature brands such as Cargo, Too Faced, bareMinerals and Nars to name a few, and the valueis always incredible. I’m never disappointed. You can find more information or subscribe here.

Enough of that, let’s see what’s in this month’s box!

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Blogger Beauty Box March 2016

February’s Blogger Beauty Box was pretty darn incredible, I was floored. There was such a variety of products that I would have never thought of buying, so naturally I was pretty excited for March’s box. They’ve only gone and done it again! There are some really impressive and unusual products in this month’s box that just make it so special. I’ve had the chance to test out a couple of the products a little bit already, so I’ve got opinions on those already.

Blogger Beauty Box March 2016

The Blogger Beauty Box is £10 per month including delivery and usually contains around 4-5 full sized or deluxe items with the odd sample size thrown in for good measure. It was designed to connect bloggers with brands and to introduce products and brands that are a little less mainstream, but still wonderful.

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March Empties 2016

Another month, another pile of beauty products that I’ve conquered! I feel like I’m flying through products at the moment, my collection of empties seems to be bigger every month! This month, I worked my way through a great variety of products – everything from makeup to skincare to body care. It can be hard finish products when you’re constantly testing and trying out new things, so I’m pretty proud of myself!

March Empties 2016

As usual, I’ll give a bite-sized review of each product and let you know whether it’s worth spending your money on, in my opinion (BUY or BYE). There’s a lot to get through, so let’s jump in!

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Prairie Pizzazz: Spring Blooms Edition Unboxing

It feels like forever since the last Prairie Pizzazz box. Of course it hasn’t been, but I’ve just missed it! It’s a really fun, cute little box of treats and it makes my day whenever it shows up! This season, they’ve gone back to their roots and have put forward a selection of vintage inspired floral accessories to help bring my wardrobe into Spring!

Prairie Charms Prairie Pizzazz Spring Blooms

If I wasn’t excited enough for this box, they’ve made it cheaper! It’s gone down to just £15 per seasonal box, so it’s way more affordable now, but with just as many accessories packed inside! And, as always, the box is personalised with your colour preferences. This month we even had the option to choose exactly how we wanted certain items to look!

Let’s see what’s in this edition!

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