January Favourites 2016

How is it the end of January already? It was only just Christmas!  This month’s been such a blur that I when I sat down to gather my favourites, I had a hard time remembering what I’d used most. It came to me eventually, so I do still have my top picks of the month to share with you!

January Favourites

I was kind of surprised by how few actual make up products I included this month. It makes sense though, as I’m still getting to grips with the products I got over the holidays and I’m trying to completely use up some of my older items. That does mean I have more beauty tools and accessories to share – it works out pretty well!

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January Empties 2016

I’m on a real kick to use stuff up this year. I have so much stuff and I need to use it! With that being said, expect my empties posts to be super full this year! My last Empties Post looks puny compared to this! I’m trying to finish both make up and body care items the best I can this year so hopefully there’ll be a lot of those included. There certainly are this month!


As per usual, I’ll give mini-reviews of all the products (I’ll try to keep it quick) and say whether or not I can see myself purchasing them again in the future – BUY or BYE.

Get ready, it’s gonna be a long one…

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Friction Free Shaving Subscription

You may remember a while ago, I went to the #PLBSantasGrotto event. While we were there, the lovely people from Friction Free Shaving spoke to us and gave us a sample month to try. I’ve finally had the chance to test it out properly so I’m back with my thoughts!


The long and short of it is that Friction Free Shaving (FFS for short!) is a monthly shaving subscription box. The first month, they’ll send you the razor handle with four blades and then four more replacement blades each month after that, so you never run out! The whole idea of FFS is for the razors to be high-quality and affordable – their monthly plans range from £3-£7, making it a heck of a lot cheaper than the razors available in the shops.

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Bright Paper Packages Subscription Box

Waaay back in late November/early December, I won a competition on the lovely Amanda Bootes’s blog to kick off the Bloggers Pamper Hamper, which will be a new subscription box for bloggers coming soon. She had a heap of prizes on offer and I was lucky enough to win a box from Bright Paper Packages, who are also a new subscription company.

Bloggers Pamper Hamper Prize

I received November’s Box which was their first ever box they created. There have been a few since that you can check out on their website. It came with a lovely hand-written note from Amanda, who is seriously too nice for words.

Bright Paper Packages November Box

Bright Paper Packages boxes are centred around lifestyle products, stuff that is useful or makes you feel all warm and cosy inside. The boxes cost £20/month, but there’s a discount if you take out a long term subscription (3/6/12 months).

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Blogger Beauty Box January 2016

I look forward to my Blogger Beauty Box arriving each and every month. It’s introduced me to so many brands and products I’ve never used or sometimes even heard of before. I know I’ll always be happy with the contents, it’s hard not to be when you’re receiving 4-5 full/deluxe sized items for a tenner.

Blogger Beauty Box January 2016

This month’s box had some issues with companies pulling out at the last minute, but I think they still pulled off a cracking little box!

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#PLBSantasGrotto 2015 Event

In November, I was lucky enough to attend the #PLBSantasGrotto event in Birmingham and had a super lovely time. I’m seriously playing catch up here – can you tell? I really wanted to share all the great new brands I discovered, even if I am a tad late. The PLB events are run by two lovely blogging ladies, Adele, from Adele Louise Smith, and Kirsty, from Kirsty Leanne, you should check them out! They did such a great job!


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Make Up and Beauty Products I Received For Christmas 2015

I know I’m really late with this as Christmas was ages ago, but you can’t blame me for wanting to keep the Christmas spirit alive for a little longer. I’ve been loving reading this type of post, so I thought I’d make one of my own!

Make up and Beauty Products I received for Christmas

I was well and truly spoiled year; I’ve got some amazing people in my life who have been ridiculously generous. I figured that since I mainly talk about beauty here, I’d share the make-up and beauty products I was given. I got a ton of bath and body products that I haven’t included, but I’d be more than happy to do another post if you fancy a nosey.

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