Hi Brow Lash and Brow Serum: Trial and Review

Naturally long, thick, curly lashes, that’s the dream right? It is for me at least. Unfortunately, I was ‘blessed’ with short, blonde stubby lashes that kind of point down. Boo. With no false-lash application skills, my only hope was to apply coat after coat of mascara and hope for the best. Until recently.

Hi Brow Lash Serum

You might remember that, way back in October, I went to the Beauty Blogger Awards. When I was there, I met the lovely Aisha from Hi Brow and she gave me a tube of the Growth And Conditioning Serum For Brows And Lashes* to try out. ‘Finally’, I thought, ‘an end to my lifetime of lash woes’. But, does it live up to it’s claims?

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acuRegen Lavender Body Oil Review

Oils seem to be the new wonder products. Cleansing oils, beauty oils, coconut oil – they’re everywhere and they promise to fix everything. There’s so many around, it’s difficult to know where to start. Luckily, the lovely people at acuRegen reached out to me to see if I’d like to try one of their body oils. I’ve used their Resurfacing Formula before and I was really impressed by it (see here), so I had high hopes for their body oil!

acuRegen Lavender Body Oil

I was sent the acuRegen Lavender Body Oil* to try. They also make a Rose oil and a Jasmine oil. It comes in luxurious metal and plastic packaging with a pump and has little bits of lavender suspended in the oil. There are nine different oils in here, that’s promising!

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Prairie Charms Prairie Pizzazz: Enchanted Edition Unboxing

It’s been a while since I shared the last Prairie Charms Prairie Pizzazz box with you. I was starting to get withdrawals! I love their boxes – they include a little bit of everything and all the contents are always so adorable! This time the theme is Enchanted which conjures up images of fairy tales and childhood wonder – super exciting!

Prairie Pizzazz Enchanted Edition

The Prairie Charms Prairie Pizzazz Box is available from them on twitter for £20. Just tweet them asking for one. It’s that easy! They tend to have a value of £75+! New themes are released every couple of months, with a very exciting Christmas box coming soon! They also personalise each box, asking you what your favourite colours are and trying their best to include them!

Let’s see what’s inside!

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Cohorted Beauty Box Black Edition – November 2015 Review

It’s finally here! The new Cohorted Beauty Boxes have finally been sent out and I’m so excited! The new, improved service is more of a traditional subscription service, with a recurring direct debit (Hallelujah! No more sitting and constantly refreshing the page!). There are two types of boxes: White, which is a quarterly perfume box and Black, the beauty box, which is similar to their old service (see last month’s here)  , but is now more focused on luxury products and brands. For that reason, the price has increased to £35.

Cohorted Black Edition November

At first glance, it’s pretty apparent that Cohorted have stepped up their game! The box was full to the brim with goodies, all of which are from great, higher end brands that I’m excited to see and receive!

Let’s get started!

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October Blogger Beauty Box – Update and Product Reviews

You may remember that just under a month ago, I unboxed the October edition of the amazing Blogger Beauty Box. I was super blown away with an initial look at the contents, but most of the items included were skincare. You can’t really tell whether skincare works for you until you’ve been using it for a good few weeks, so here I am with an update and some fully formed opinions!

October Blogger Beauty Box Update

Here’s a brief look at the skincare products I’ll be going over. We’ve got a lot to get through, so I’ll just jump right in!

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TesterKorea Haul November 2015

I was beginning to run low on sheet masks again (the horror!), so that could only mean one thing – time to make another TesterKorea order! You can see my previous order here for more goodies. It’s my absolute favourite website to pick up kbeauty items, face masks in particular. They have endless amounts of products from countless brands and, if they don’t have what you were looking for, you can just request it and they’ll add it for you – amazing!

In case you were wondering how long it takes for your goodies to come from Korea, this order arrived 10 days after I placed it. I’d give it 3 weeks, just to be on the safe side though – especially during busy periods.

TesterKorea Haul

I went a little sheet mask crazy this time, I’ll admit. There are some things I bought in this haul that I won’t be showing as they’re gifts for other people and I don’t want to ruin the surprise – just in case anyone’s being nosey.

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Empties #6

It’s empties time again! I love putting these posts together because it feels so empowering to completely use every last drop of a product. When you see the pile of products you’ve used up over a month, you get some weird sense of achievement, or is that just me? See how excited I got last time. Anyway, I’ve got a huge collection of stuff again to share with you and give my opinions on (there’s make up again – woo!)

Empties #6 Overview

Look at that collection of rubbish, it’s a thing of beauty. To make it simpler, I’ll divide everything up into categories. I’ll also give a super quick review of each product and say whether or not I think I’d ever repurchase it (BUY or BYE).

Let’s dive in …

Make Up

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